Our Staff

Hillary Campfield, Head Teacher

Hillary Campfield,

Director and Head Teacher

Hillary grew up in Norwich, Vermont and she and her three children are all graduates of NNS!  While her children attended NNS, she drew from her experience as a former teacher and made herself available as a substitute teacher, parent volunteer, class representative and board president. Hillary earned a bachelor’s degree with double majors of Pre-Kindergarten/ Primary/Elementary Education.  Her teaching experience began at Florida Southern College Preschool and after an internship in first grade, she taught second grade in Orlando, Florida, for seven years. Hillary has completed extensive coursework in English as a Second Language and is conversant in French.  Hillary has taken on several volunteer positions in the school community, and when she is not cheering for her children at their various sporting events, she can be found cooking, baking and reading at her home.  

Emily Bradley, Teacher

Emily grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and has always loved exploring nature and making art.  After earning a degree in Biology from Duke University, Emily worked for several conservation organizations and enjoyed volunteering for their preschool outreach programs.  After becoming a parent to her four children, Emily decided to combine her passions of nature, science, arts, and children and began work on her degree in early childhood education from Mass Bay College. For four years, she taught preschool at the Acton Cooperative Preschool. The Bradley family enjoys hiking with their dogs Nellie and Scout and relaxing at home with their mischievous cat Jasper.  

Kristin Fauci, Teacher

Kristin Fauci has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. She has taught preschool in Colorado and New Hampshire.  Kristin grew up in Pittsfield, Vermont and went to college in Colorado.  Kristin loves the outdoors, cooking and reading. She is involved with the community as a member of the Norwich Recreation Council and trail work volunteer.  When Kristin isn't playing with her two children, Kristin enjoys running and mountain biking on the many trails in Norwich

Marjorie Wu, Music Teacher

Marjorie grew up on a farm in Indiana helping her mother, a career preschool teacher, in the classroom before earning a bachelor’s degree in Classical Archaeology from Princeton University.  While following her husband on his journey through academia, she taught preschool in Mountain View, CA, and managed a children’s bookstore in Boston.  Her son, Wolfie, is a NNS graduate and now attends the Hanover Ray School, where Marjorie serves on the PTO and volunteers often.  Music has always held a special place in her life with years of lessons, band practices, and jam sessions with her husband, friends, father, uncles, and brothers.  When not making or listening to music, Marjorie enjoys playing with her son, swimming, cooking, gardening, and reading.